It all started during naptime

Naptime is a blissful two hours here at forty five oh oh.



The house is quiet and all kinds of projects can be imagined, dreamt about and pinned on Pinterest. With Hubs going away in a little less than a week for a few days, I finally have an opportunity to tackle one of the many projects I’ve pinned on one of my Pinterest boards (forty-four, to be exact).

But pinning home renovation ideas today took me to a blog of them. And while on the blog, I thought–I could do this. Write a blog about the adventures we are having updating the house and getting it looking the way we want it. Renovations, decorating (and redecorating when we decide we don’t like it) and the home life that fills the in-between.

We bought a foreclosed home as an engaged couple three years ago with glaring areas where it was lacking: missing baseboards, mismatched doorframes, no doors anywhere, forest green paint in the living room, no overhead lighting throughout and some super funky shag olive carpeting from the 70s…I could go on.

But through all of this, we’ve had quite the travels in renovating and decorating a home for the first time. And today, I figured–why not share? Some days might be just about running a home. We are newlyweds (almost two years!) and parents of a toddler. Some days might be the newest project I’m tackling as a stay-at-home mommy with (some) time on her hands. And some days might be about trying to make this house we’ve remodeled into a home, whether that be everyday home decor or throwing something together to make the house festive for a holiday or entertaining family & friends.

Just to get you excited: the project I was researching today when I decided to start this blog is a guest bathroom makeover. Hubs doesn’t know I’m doing it while he’s gone so it will be on a major budget.¬†As in, must-be-so-amazing-Hubs-forgets-that-I-spent-money-on-this-project-without-discussing-it-with-him-first kinda budget (eek!). No pressure.

some color inspiration for the bathroom remodel.

some color inspiration for the bathroom remodel.

I hope you enjoy the blog!

Photos courtesy of Google Images and Silver Hawthorne Homebuilders