Free-standing placecards for any season & reason!

I’ve been making my own placecards for a while. Mostly because the boring ones I always see at events are on white or beige cardstock & with black calligraphy.


classic calligraphy at its finest.

Classic, yes. Also, bo-ring (and somewhat expensive if you hire a calligrapher to do the writing), in my opinion.

I hired the trusty printer I bought back in 2004 and I use her every time I do placecards. She can print in many-a-different-style-handwriting and on lots of different patterned paper.

I love the way you can use different colored paper, or even patterned paper for this project to get a certain look and carry over your theme, whether that be red and gold for the Christmas holiday or pastels for spring/Easter.

Then, when I found this Kevin and Amanda website, I knew I was in heaven. Scrapbooking fonts, is what they are–125 of them! All of the fonts on the website are Mac-compatible. Fantastic.

I dug out some scrapbooking paper that I bought at the end of last summer on sale at Michael’s. For 80 sheets and 15 different styles of patterned paper, I paid $8 and change.


Then, I selected one of the fonts over at Kevin and Amanda. I chose Lima Bean, downloaded it right here, and ran a Word document, typing out all of my Easter guests’ names. I put two on each page, leaving enough room above and below each name so that I could fold and cut out a free-standing placecard.

Each page looked something like this:


Easy, right?

[If you happen to have placecard holders, all the better. No reason to leave as much room between names. You’ll just need room to cut out each name and stick it in the holder you’ve got. Leave room at the bottom, though, so the name rests above where the placecard gets inserted!]

Then I went to work measuring and cutting my scrapbook paper to fit in my printer. Using a ruler, I measured an 8-1/2″ x 11″ section of the scrapbooking paper, cut it out using simple scissors and called it done.

I popped it into my printer–but wait! Make sure you know which way your printer feeds paper. My HP Deskjet prints on whatever side of paper is face-down, so I made sure the scrapbooking paper was, indeed, face-down. You don’t want your guests’ names printing on white after you went to all that work cutting out 8-1/2 x 11″ sections of your scrapbooking paper!

Once I had two names printed on each scrapbooking paper style, I folded the paper straight across about a 1/2-inch above each name, working one name at a time. Fold the paper over, then cut the double layer of paper about a 1/2-inch below each name. Lastly, just chop off the sides. I use the half-inch rule because then all the placecards are consistent, but if you want taller or wider placecards, play with it & find what you think is most appealing.


Pop them on your placesettings and you’re finished! I love the ease of this mini-project and how it allows you to maintain a theme throughout all aspects of your tablescape!


A legit post on my Easter-hosting will be coming along, soon. With, of course, incorporation of these little guys! I’m doing a full Easter dinner with appetizers, the main course, etc. Hosting 13 people! Okay, three of them are under the age of 4, but still. Check back to see the finalized menu, how it all came together, and of course, the tablescape as a whole!

~~~Happy Easter!~~~

Calligraphy photo courtesy of The Wedding Calligrapher